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Mentor as a Startup Partner

You can capitalize on your experience by investing your professional dedication as a Mentor, Online or in person, in exchange for Startups actions.

Contact entrepreneurs who are looking for you that you may never have found. Simply mark your specialties and availability, select the proposals that interest you and negotiate them directly.

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Take advantage of your experience investing your time

As Executive Mentor you can invest your experience and a part of your time in Startups, as a partner. This is also investing in Startups and for this is MentorsAngels. MA is your ideal source of opportunities.

Entrepreneurs need the continuous support of an expert committed to the company that proposes decisions. This is an investor of time, of part-time executive dedication, as a partner and in exchange for shares of the company. Capitalize your time and your experience by investing in Startups!.

Now take advantage of your experience.

Entrepreneurs need mentors and most end up having someone "who was around" because there was nowhere to find them. MentorsAngels now offers them the opportunity to find you, because of your skills, which are what they need. And you can now receive proposals to mentor Startups in what are your specialties, participating as a Partner.